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This fast web unblocker helps you to unblock blocked websites in your local network. It can be used as a dependable tool to get around filtering of sites in libraries, universities, workplaces or in school. Our unblocker also protects your internet privacy by not disclosing any important information such as the IP address and operating system or browser data to external web sites as well as anybody sniffing network traffic. They only see us when we fill-in those confidential data with our own values. You can gain access to your preferred sites, while being totally unidentified to any external entity.

When you browse a website by circumnavigating a firewall filter with our unblocker, the content is obtained by us operating as a channel connecting you and the website. Any data that indicates your identity is swapped with ours making them unable to monitor your existence. You will be concealed at the back of our unblocker which performs the real job for you. As we provide vast options for customization for anonymous surfing, you also have the advantage of deciding what would be used as your browser user-agent. Not only that, JavaScript & Flash content can be fully turned off for extra safety.

UnblockSites.NET comes with a less-cluttered, user friendly web interface and the advanced options in the sub menu lets you add extra customization to the anonymous surfing.

We rely on advertising for our revenue, so you don't need to worry about paying any extra fees to be able to enjoy worry-free unblocking. Our service is meant for protecting your freedom; we have zero tolerance for any kind of abuse using our resources. We keep logs to track people who violate our good intentions. Please read our terms of use and privacy policy for more info.

Address:  [Options]

We encourage you to remark on the features of our unblocker so that we can improve and develop based on the feedback. Please use the contact form to voice your concerns and suggestions.

Bookmark to visit again. Please use the top-right menu or simply press Ctrl+D.

Filtering software apply advanced measures to identify and bar unblockers like us. You can be benefited by a trustworthy and concealed reserve of newest site unblockers by registering with our Yahoo group - Unblockes.

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